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16 August 2017

Have you got ideas you’d like to develop or projects you’d like to implement but just don’t have the time or resources? Imagine a situation where you could brief a team of up to five students to work on making your ideas a reality.

Bucks New Uni logoBucks New University (BNU) are looking for projects which would be suitable for their students.  Students would be supervised by lecturers and would be working on your ideas beneficial to you and your organisation.  It’s a win-win situation; students get the experience of working for a real organisation and that helps their future employability, and your organisation benefits by making something happen sooner.

This unique and proven service is called Enterprise Projects and BNU have been offering it to local organisations for the past five years. 

BNU are now accepting projects for students to work on between November 2017 and April 2018.  The students are available for a minimum of 3 hours per week.

If you’ve got a project which you think might be suitable, ideally including elements of finance, marketing or general business, call Mary Simpson, principal lecturer at BNU on 01494 522141 or email

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