Help with Community Led Planning

A community-led plan is a five-year vision of how your community wants to develop. It is a chance to take stock of what you have in your community and to take action to make your local area a better place. Community led plans prompt local action and influence others such as local councils.

Community Impact Bucks supports community groups with a toolkit which gives guidance on creating a Community Led Plan (CLP), sometimes called a Parish Plan. Plans are based on detailed consultations which involve the whole community.

Community Impact Bucks team will visit any group in the community that wants to understand how the community planning process works. This might include parish councils, residents associations and other local community groups. Community Impact Bucks can offer specialist help across a broad range of community planning areas:

  • Getting started

  • Designing a successful launch event

  • Recruiting volunteers

  • Setting up a steering group

  • Designing a project plan and obtain funding

  • Consultation with key people to ensure buy-in

  • Ways to get everyone in the community involved

  • Forging links with local authorities

  • Making contact with agencies and community groups

  • Identifying action points and designing action plans

  • Identifying funding sources

  • Setting up an implementation team

  • Making projects happen

  • Monitoring and reviewing success 

CLP Toolkit

CLP Topic Sheets

Please contact Ian Hopper, Project Manager, Communities, if you wish to develop a Community Led Plan.


Phone: 01844 348826