Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning Support Package


Community Impact Bucks has a wealth of experience in supporting communities to achieve their aspirations. We are the market leader in delivering community-led planning and rural affordable housing within Buckinghamshire and have a skilled and experienced team, expert in community development, consultation and engagement. Since the introduction of the Localism Act, there has been growing interest from communities around Neighbourhood Planning and in recognition of this, Community Impact Bucks has put together a package of support to assist communities who are interested in pursuing a Neighbourhood Development Order or a Community Right to Build Order.

Support in Community Consultation 

Using the skills we have developed over many years we will assist communities with the process of consulting and gathering evidence to support and develop the plan documents. We will assist in the setting up of a formal steering group for the project, terms of reference and governance arrangements. The Neighbourhood Plan process places much emphasis on rigorous community consultation and social inclusion, generating evidence that is representative of the priorities of the whole community. With our considerable experience of community engagement, we will be able to ensure you have a robust evidence base to build your plan.

Support in producing the Neighbourhood Planning documents 

Community Impact Bucks work in partnership with professional planning consultants and design experts. Working closely with the project steering group, our expert planners and architects will advise parish councils and neighbourhood forums on planning policy, development options, viability and design issues. We consider the requirements of each individual parish work with you to draw up a proposal that reflects your requirements and budget.

The Value of Community Impact Bucks Support in Neighbourhood Planning

In using the Neighbourhood Plan package supplied by Community Impact Bucks, your community will benefit from having trusted and independent advice and expertise, that places the aspirations of the community at its core. You will benefit from the wealth of expertise and local data that Community Impact Bucks brings, along with planning specific knowledge provided by our partners, rCOH Ltd. 

Commissioned by Winslow Town Council our work resulted in the first approved Neighbourhood Development Plan in Buckinghamshire in July 2014.  Over 60% of the town turned out at the referendum with a 98.2% Yes vote.  

Great Horwood appointed us to work with them on their Plan which is due to go for referendum in the parish in 2015. 

We are currently working other parishes in Buckinghamshire producing neighbourhood development plans. 

Neighbourhood Planning is not the only option 

It should be remembered that Neighbourhood Planning is not the only option open to communities. All existing policies and processes are still in place, and indeed they could be more appropriate for your community than Neighbourhood Planning. We suggest communities give careful consideration to the benefits of preparing a Neighbourhood Plan before proceeding, a Community Right to Build Order (which is a smaller scale, site specific project), or a rural exception development of affordable housing may be more suitable. We would be pleased to talk things through to help determine if a Neighbourhood Plan is suitable for your community. If it is decided that an alternative process is more appropriate, we will be very happy to advise you what this could be, and how we can help. 

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